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Mouth Breathing: More Than Just a Bad Habit

Are you a mouth breather? If so, you might think it’s just a harmless habit. But the truth is, breathing through your mouth instead of your nose can lead to a host of dental and health issues. Let’s dive into what causes mouth breathing and how you can address it. First off, what makes someone […]

Alleviating Anxiety Related to Pediatric Dentistry

Dental anxiety is a common challenge in pediatric dentistry, affecting both children and their parents. Addressing these fears is crucial for ensuring a positive dental experience. Likewise, a favorable dental experience fosters a lifelong commitment to oral health. Pediatric dentists employ various strategies to create a welcoming, anxiety-free environment for their young patients. One effective […]

Saving a Damaged Tooth

A broken or cracked tooth can be extremely painful. The pain is often due to an exposed root. This causes sharp pain or tenderness- depending on a particular scenario. A damaged tooth may come from eating hard or crunchy foods, a fall, or due to oral health issues. But no matter the cause, the result […]

Tooth Grinding: Bruxism and Tooth Attrition

Bruxism, commonly known as teeth grinding, is a condition that can lead to significant dental health issues, including tooth attrition. This involuntary grinding or clenching of the teeth, especially during sleep, often goes unnoticed until complications arise. Understanding bruxism and its impact on your teeth is crucial for maintaining good oral health. What is Bruxism? […]