Nothing speaks more highly of our practice than what our patients say about us. Below are just a few of the many responses we have received from our patients that reflect their initial apprehensions and the treatment they received from the team at Dr. Blashford’s office.

I had sedation to have my dental work completed, as I am very wary of needles in my mouth. It was great! I remember nothing except the very beginning and the end as I was coming out of it. Highly recommend for those anxious about dental work.
– DT

I was relaxed and felt no pain. Best experience at a dentist – EVER!
– BN

Never look forward to visiting the dentist office but these people are so nice and very gentle and patient that I always leave with a smile. Thank you Claudia and Dr. B!
– PM

Excellent professional dentistry.
Excellent knowledge and skills. Friendly, courteous staff. Best dental practice in the area.
– DG

Everyone was very kind, professional and courteous.
– DA

Excellent care, friendly and knowledgeable staff.
I find going to Blashford dental a very excellent experience, one I do not dread going to. Both the hygienist and Dr. Blashford are always very friendly and give their patients excellent dental care.
– CZ

Great service!
Dental assistant was super nice and Dr. Blashford was great! Received two filling and had no pain! It’s great to have a dentist who’s so caring!
– BG

Great service and knowledgable professionals.
First time experience at Dr. Blashford’s. It was great.Timely, friendly, knowledgable. Viewed x-rays with doctor. A cleaning was scheduled the very next week.
– MH

Love this practice!
No complaints – professional staff, highly skilled, courteous.
– GC

Excellent care–way to go Hygenist. And superb personal care from Dr. Blashford.
Way to go hygienist. And superb personal care from Dr. Blashford.
– AF

High Quality Practice.
As always, staff is polite, professional and accommodating. Appointment made with short lead time, but still taken on time. Dr. Blashford showed the same professional attention and personalized concern as always. They all strive to make me feel comfortable. Very satisfied.
– AK

Professional, friendly, and outstanding service. Would recommend to anyone. Always a good experience.
– RZ

A Blessing in my life!
Without explaining all the difficulties I have with walking into a dentist’s office……. Dr Blashford has stood by me through some really rough appointments, my fault..not his. He has tried to work with my wishes and desires, he has also strives to be aware of not only my mouth pain but also the rest of the pain that I have to deal with on a daily basis. All of the girls that I have had in his office had to have been chosen in a very special way in order to work there. At another dental office I was told that the girl was hired based only on whether she liked his music and his coffee brand. 🙁 These girls are unique, they are compassionate, caring, understanding and will go to any extreme to try to make your comfortable and make your appointment as easy as possible. Then even when checking out afterwards, again I have received encouragement, compassion, sweetness, and understanding. I wish I was financially capable of giving every one of the girls (the one that cleans my teeth, to the ones that assist the dentist, to the receptionists, to the office manager) a large bouquet of roses, for I have no idea if they understand the importance of their job and what they mean to me. I wish I could do something really special for Dr. Blashford as well, but not sure he would appreciate the roses? 🙂 Can you say the same for your dentist and his staff? Thank you for listening!
– VB

As always,great service with a friendly family atmosphere!
– BG

Well, since a visit to the dentist has never been my favorite thing to do, I delay scheduling my visits. Great visit today, however! The staff performed admirably, and made my trip painless. I guess it was only fitting then, when I mowed the back yard later in the day I came upon three snakes in the yard. Harmless as they are, they made me realize how much I liked my dental visit today… One strong vote for the Dental staff! Thanks, R.L.
– RL

Tooth filled. They put me at ease, as I had some issues with prior dentists. No pain, very good experience. Professional and friendly staff.
– MB

Wonderful experience.
I am very happy with how friendly that this staff is. They make your visit very personable and if they find issues, they take the time to help you find resolve. You feel that everyone from the receptionist to the hygienist is very professional and they make you feel comfortable with your visit. I have never had a bad office visit. Claudia was my hygienist. Thanks again to the staff and Dr. Blashford for their find service.
– CP

Wonderful Dental office.
When we moved to PA we were searching for a dentist. We signed up with one but quickly found out that the dental office we chose was really bad so we started our search all over again. We went online looking up a lot of dentist in our area and read all the reviews. Me being totally scared of the dentist I read the reviews very close. After reading them all, I liked what I read about Dr. Blashford’s office. So we made our appointments. Walking into this office I knew we made the right choice. Everyone from the receptionist put my mind at ease. When I met Dr. Blashford he was so nice and put me at ease. My nervousness went away. He talked to me for and I told him my fear of the dentist. he was very understanding. I have no more fear of going a dentist. Dr. Blashford made that possible. Everyone in his office makes you feel at ease and I recommend Dr. Blashford to everyone. You will not be disappointed and you will have a great experience like do.
– AS

Very professional and friendly.
I have been going here for years and have always had good experiences. If I am having the slightest bit of discomfort, they will pause and give me a minute to deal with it then will proceed with what they were doing once I am all right. I never feel nervous or uncomfortable around the staff or Dr. Blashford, everyone is very outgoing and caring for others. Even though the practice does not participate with my insurance, it’s well worth paying out of pocket for their services and I wouldn’t go anywhere else!
– CP

Excellent as always.
– PH

The best in this town!
Staff is knowledgable and friendly and are concerned with your well being and comfort. Highly professional, top notch environment.
– LW

Great dental office.
Everyone in the office is very professional and personable. Claudia is a great hygienist.
– BG

Wonderful service and very friendly staff!!
Everyone is very kind when I go in to have my teeth cleaned. I appreciate how thorough they are and making sure my teeth and gums look healthy! 🙂 Dr. Blashford is one of the best dentists I’ve been to! I would definitely recommend him to others!
– NB

Always enjoy Dr. B and his team.
I’m 56 years old and I got my first filling in decades. Although my face is still numb, I did survive Dr. B’s needle (LOL). Seriously, I can’t imagine having a better experience going to a dentist than I do in going to Dr. B’s. Everyone there from the front desk to the hygienists to the Dr. B, himself, are always pleasant and fun to joke with. I’ve been going here for many years and have no intentions of going elsewhere.
– CG

Wonderful service and staff!
I like to joke and say they could name a room after me at Dr. Blashford’s practice, but as often as I’ve been there I’ve never felt like it was an inconvenience for them to see me. Everybody knows I’m an anxious person, and we all try to make light of it, but it’s nice to know that if I’m really feeling concerned about something that it’s always taken seriously and professionally handled. Words can’t describe how grateful I am to be a client of this practice!
– EM

Excellent dental service
Staff is always friendly. Office is very clean. Dentist takes the time to talk to you if there is an issue.
– AW

Friendly and professional staff
All care and necessary procedures were thoroughly explained for both myself and my daughter. Thank you for making her feel comfortable with her dental care!
– DD

Once again staff was wonderfully. Always there to serve their client the best way possible.
– KM

Always a Good Experience.
I’ve been going to Dr. George for as long as I can remember. He and his staff are always friendly and take their time with my visit. I feel confident with their recommendations. I accidentally didn’t go to the dentist for a whole 2 years as an adult, and no one made me feel bad about it; they just took really good care of my teeth! If anyone I know is looking for a dentist, I always recommend Dr. George Blashford.
– LD

Great as usual in a world where “usual” often isn’t great
Claudia is a lovely addition to the practice. She was thorough but gentle and gave good advice. This was a routine checkup and cleaning, but many times in the past Dr. Blashford had provided expert, compassionate care for more complex dental needs.
– SF

Best Dental Practice!
Dr Blashford and his entire staff are the BEST! I’ve been “dental phobic” my entire life and had some very bad experiences at the dentist, but Dr. Blashford and his staff have helped me to begin to change my outlook on dentists. I have not had a bad experience there despite having some major work done over the past 10 months. I would highly recommend this practice to anyone!
– CC

Excellent provider, services, overall
George loves his profession, knows his profession and how to do it in a way that is friendly, knowledgeable, and just excellent in all areas. Only the price is a bit painful, but on par with other not-as-good-as practices.
– SS